Life has been getting in the way of writing the past several months with a sick parent and losing a job because of time off to care for parent – And, unfortunately I wasn’t at the job long enough for Family Leave Act to protect. Too much drama to concentrate on writing, but things are calming down and will be back to writing very very soon! 

Unless I get hit by a bus. :)

As the snow fell down heavily around him, Stephen fished around his pockets for his house keys with one hand while balancing his laundry basket against his underarm with the other. He could feel the outline of the keys in the cloth, but there was some sort of weird fold that was preventing him from reaching them, so he gave up and banged his elbow against the door a few times to knock.

The door opened and Veronica greeted him. “Hey Steve! You made it back!” she said helping him out by taking the basket off of his hands which freed him up to grab the duffle off of the porch of the row house.

“Yeah, the roads are getting really bad out there. Took me five freaking hours to drive back. And I nearly slid off of the exit ramp when I got off the interstate!” He said, stomping snow off of his shoes on the welcome mat before entering the house. He set the duffle down in the hallway and made his way to the kitchen. “Is the party still on?”
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Holiday Help

Posted: December 11, 2013 in Devious Majik
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“Mr. Heartguzzeler?” Tricia poked her head into the break room.

“You can call me Jed.” the man enjoying a cup of tea and reading over quarterly sales reports looked up and smiled a toothy grin at the girl with the horn rimmed glasses and deep pink hair.

“Mr. er– Jed…” Trish corrected herself. She always felt intimidated by his presence. She wasn’t sure if it was the perfectly pressed pin-stripe suit, his deep gravely voice, or his square jaw, thick dark hair, and slightly protruding forehead that got to her. It wasn’t a sexual thing, as she always felt like a little girl approaching her father whenever she was near him. “Um… remember what we were talking about last week about my boyfriend working here over the Christmas holidays?” She noticed a definite shudder from the District Manager at her mention of the word ‘Christmas’.

“Yes, we will need some help over the… HOLIDAY… break.” If what she said offended him, he didn’t let it show for very long.

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Author’s note: This is the original ending. It’s pretty weak, in my own opinion, and my least favorite part about this story, but is included here for completeness. The final draft (which is currently being proofed and edited for release on Amazon’s store soon) has a much much MUCH more satisfying ending, I promise! Thanks for reading and for the positive feedback! If you like this version, you’re gonna love the final version as much as I do!

Jim sat on the bed staring off into space, her short legs dangling a couple of inches off the floor. She suppressed a sniffle and wiped the tears from her face with the sleeve of her shirt in a very unladylike manner.

The last few days had been surreal. Losing a loved one was always a shock to the system, but compounded with her other… changes, it just left her feeling about as disconnected from reality as humanly possible and still walking around.

Familiar faces became strangers with their actions. Complete strangers acted as if they were familiar to her, such as the gaggle of teeny-bopper friends who showed up at the funeral home to give her support in her time of need, friends that she had never laid eyes on before today.

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